About Us

Get to know us a little more closely and discover the real Argentine cuisine.
3 Points Benidorm, the Argentinian Restaurant where we prepare the best grilled meat you'll taste!

Our Story

Argentine cuisine has a lot to offer. Regional specialties from meat dishes mainly, through entrees and salads: discover our most important culinary specialties. Do you want to celebrate as only Argentines know? With our service, we will make sure your visit is a success.

For us, the typical gastronomy consists of cooking with the soul and the heart using original ingredients from our land that arrive in Spain. Argentines are famous especially for their meats and their way of doing it. For us the quality of life, enjoyment and the environment is the most important thing. In our authentic steakhouse you can enjoy delicious specialties and a wide selection of Argentine wines. Visit us, we will be waiting for you!